Drink…. Lots of Water



This week’s post will be about the necessity of water. I am sure many of you heard it and every week I say how this and that is important, but in order for us to actually be healthy we need to hydrate, and water is one of the best ways to hydrate.

Some people cannot go through a day with drinking tons of water however, there are some people (myself included) who sometimes forget to actually drink water. Some people simply do not like the taste or prefer to replace it with other drink such as juices, smoothies, sodas. Apart from sodas, all of them might have their roles at one point or another but you cannot replace water.

Water helps you get rid of toxins, it helps you prevent kidney stones and constipation and it basically keeps your body going. Every person has a different need of daily fluids, and maybe some days your body is asking for more and some for less. It is all normal, remember it is always to be very well hydrated than close to dehydration. According to WebMD you should drink minimum six 8-ouch glasses of water per day. If you are sick, pregnant, athlete etc. you should definitely try to consume more.

Some signs that you might notice that should make you realize you are not hydrated enough are:

  • dry mouth & you are always thirsty
  • your skin is dry
  • you might experience joint pain (could also be missing essential vitamins)
  • you think you are hungrier than you actually are


Another interesting fluid that you might happen to like is the coconut water. Coconut water contains digested carbohydrate-sugar and electrolytes. Lots of athletes swear on how miraculous it is, some people love it for the taste. Personally, I never thought that the taste was that great but my conditioning coach would always make me drink it whenever I felt tired or had to recover fast. Not only that it is low in calories, but it contains huge amounts of potassium and it is therefore, very hydrating.

Image result for coconut water



These might be things you have already heard, however I think that is very important to keep in mind of the benefits that it has. To be honest it has helped me lose weight, on those long nights when all I wanted was to keep eating. So instead of eating, I would drink water. I hope you all stay healthy enjoying life!







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