Finding Your Balance

Dear readers,

this might be my last blog post, since I am now finishing a project. With this occasion I would like to give you a piece of advice, that hopefully will help you find your balance in life and everything else you work on.

One thing that I have learned and seen many times is that you cannot force things. You have to be patient in whatever you do. If you one day, wake up and decide you want to be more fit or gain muscles , then work hard for it. Do not expect results to show right away, but give it time and trust me the results will show. You would not believe how many times, it happens that people/ athletes etc. have great potential, but they give up, because they get tired and discouraged.

Furthermore, you should take great care of your body. Same thing applies though. Especially if you are young and do not get enough sleep, or do not have a healthy way of living, you probably will not see the consequences for another couple of years. So do get enough sleep, drink a lot of water and eat most of times as healthy as possible.

However, I think that the most important is to be happy with what you do. Accept yourself, accept your body, and if you want to work on yourself and be better, then do it without hesitation. Just make sure that you do not do it for anyone else but you, otherwise your satisfaction and happiness might be temporary. So I suggest you go out there, and try out new things, things that you always wanted to try but were always scared to. You will see how amazing the satisfaction is, when you manage to do something you never thought you could.

I hope that my posts have been helpful, and I hope that I managed to influence you at least a tiny bit, in making better choices for your health. Go out there, make yourself better and stronger, but most of all happier with yourself! Enjoy the journey!


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